Children learn by example. However there is a growing number of today's children who lack the proper guidance needed in becoming successful adults. All children deserve an opportunity to grow up in a safe environment, surrounded by people who care and who are willing to help them achieve their full potential. We as adults are capable of leading them away from crime and down the path of success.

Unfortunately not every child has a positive role model in their life - someone who is willing to share their time, knowledge and love. And when this happens, we see a definite increase in our juvenile crime rate. By all estimates, almost 17.6 million

young people live in settings that put them at risk of not realizing their potential. Many of these young people live right here in Marshall County. By giving just a little of ourselves, we can change this statistic. We need to step forward and be the positive role models Marshall County children need and deserve. It is up to us to reach out to our children before they choose violence, drugs or gangs. Your choice to invest in Marshall County children can provide the positive future that many of our boys and girls would otherwise miss. Please make the choice to make a difference in their lives by becoming a part of Mentor Marshall.